Calabaza ganadora del concurso de calabazas de HalloweenWhen Freddy finally woke up after three years, there was only one thought on his mind: to find out what had happened to him. However, when Freddy opened his eyes widely he realized that he couldn’t see anything. He tried to remove the dirt from them several times, but unfortunately, he still couldn’t see anything. Everything was white and, maybe because he was emerging from such a deep sleep, he felt as if he was swimming in a big pool full of milk.

So there was a handicap that he had to face, the fact that he was blind or at least, this was his first impression. It wasn’t a common blindness either, the one that you usually have when you close your eyes and you feel as if you were in a dark room; this was the opposite. The only thing that he could see was a strong white light surrounding everything. Apart from that, it didn’t help that he was completely naked in an empty hospital at about 3 in the morning. (I certainly wouldn’t like to find myself in an uncomfortable place like that at this time, not being able to see anything, and feeling as if I were in an enormous glass of milk.

Suddenly, as Freddy was trying to guess what was happening, a warm hand touched his arm and he could barely hear a distant voice saying: “Welcome to life Doctor. Your experiment failed. Den ganzen Beitrag lesen »

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Digital History of Nativity

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Video about summer trip to the Emerald Island (Ireland)

A trip to Ireland from María A. on Vimeo.

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