Tuesday the 6th

-Speak: Animals making headlines

– Reading – 4 texts: 1. The sport that refuses to die. 2. Animal Charity’s Gain is doctor’s loss. 3. Work on research Lab Halted. 4. Unlikely recipe for success.

– Vocabulary: crime and punishment

HW: Read text ‘Community Service is the best punishment for young people who commit a minor offence’

Thursday the 8th

– Listen: 3 conversations about crimes

– Developing conversations: comments and questions (page 70)

– Vocabulary: what happens to criminals

– Speak: Communicative – Good Laws?

HW: write an article for a magazine: A- Downloading music or films without paying is as much of a crime as stealing from a shop.

or  B- Squatters who live in an occupied property should not be forced to leave it.

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