Tuesday the 6th

- Speak about working conditions and jobs

- Grammar: zero conditional and first conditional

- Grammar: future time clauses

- Speak: what do you see yourself doing in five years’ time

HW: do Reading Comprehension text: ‘Illegal Wildlife Trade…’ and photocopy on ‘future time clauses’

Thursday the 8th

- Correction of text: Illegal Wildlife Trade

- Correction of ‘Future time clauses’

- Developing conversations: feelings about the future ‘you’re bound to’, ‘I doubt I’ll…’

- Conversation practice: about your job

- Read text on page 83, and answer questions in exercises 5 and 6

- Listening: a news report about how a particular job is done

- Grammar: Unreal conditionals

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Thursday the 1st

- Mini vocabulary test on ‘work’

- Listen: first part of conversation about work.

- Listen: second part of converstion about work.

- Speak: Giving advice to someone who is not happy at work

HW: study vocabulary

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Tuesday the 20th

- Speak: Careers and studying – Describing photo on page 78

-Writing and reading: a job application (photocopy)

- Useful language (photocopy)

- Vocabulary: Work: verb phrases, saying what to do, word building, job versus work (photocopy)

HW: write an application email  (Festival Staff required to work at Global Stage UK).

Thursday the 22nd

- Little test on vocabulary about crime and punishment

. Vocabulary: adjectives describing a job, collocations

- The world of work: vocabulary: working life

- Speak: have this ever been true for you?

HW: Read text on page 83, and do exercises 5 and 6

- Vocabulary: work: adjectives describing a job

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Tuesday the 13th

- Read: how not to get robbed in the street

- Listen: an interview with an ex-burglar

- Read: Crime onlilne

- Speak: Are these activities against the law in your country? (online world and real world)

HW: do listening activities file 3 of Extra Listening Practice

Thursday the 15th

- Acting practice in the theatre.

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Tuesday the 6th

-Speak: Animals making headlines

- Reading – 4 texts: 1. The sport that refuses to die. 2. Animal Charity’s Gain is doctor’s loss. 3. Work on research Lab Halted. 4. Unlikely recipe for success.

- Vocabulary: crime and punishment

HW: Read text ‘Community Service is the best punishment for young people who commit a minor offence’

Thursday the 8th

- Listen: 3 conversations about crimes

- Developing conversations: comments and questions (page 70)

- Vocabulary: what happens to criminals

- Speak: Communicative – Good Laws?

HW: write an article for a magazine: A- Downloading music or films without paying is as much of a crime as stealing from a shop.

or  B- Squatters who live in an occupied property should not be forced to leave it.


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