Tuesday, 30th January

– Vocabulary: idioms from page 55

– Speaking: the weather where you live

– Vocabulary: weather (page 62)

– Listening: 2 people sharing experiences about bad weather

– Grammar: narrative tenses

Homework: writing a story about a turning point in your life

Thursday, 1st February

– Discussion about plant life

– Listening: five conversations about plants

– Video watching: Dear future generations, Sorry, by Prince Ea

Homework: finish filling in the blanks in the photocopy about the video and listen to second set of listenings ‘News Headlines’ and ‘Pollan talks about food’

Category CLASSES ADVANCED 2 | Comentarios desactivados en January week 4 and beginning of February

Tuesday, 23rd January

– Vocabulary:  where you stayed

– Listening: 2 conversations about places people have stayed in.

– Speaking: places you’ve stayed in

– Grammar: modifiers

Homework: writing an email, page 151, ex 9

Thursday, 25th January

– role play (2 students conversation about e-readers and paper books)

– Developing conversations: Negative questions when speaking

– Speaking: common problems people have staying at a hotel, sharing a flat, renting a house

– Listening: four conversations about accommodation

– Grammar: get/have something done

Homework: photocopy of ‘get/have something done’

Friday, 26th January

– Speaking about the readers ‘Dolphin music’ and ‘Solo saxophone’

Category CLASSES ADVANCED 2 | Comentarios desactivados en January, week 3 (22nd-26th)

Tuesday, 16th January

– Speaking: free time activities

– Listening: a health and fitness fanatic

– Grammar: present perfect simple and continuous (by means of photocopy and page 172 in students’ book)

– Speak: complete the sentences using ‘because’ and ‘but’

Homework: photocopy about illnesses and injuries

Thursday, 18th January

– Vocabulary: illnesses and injuries

– Speaking:  a time you got injured or sick

– Speaking: advantages and disadvantages of staying in an ice hotel

Homework: choose one of the 4 dialogues selected from Certificate exams

Category CLASSES ADVANCED 2 | Comentarios desactivados en January, week 2 (15th-19th)

Tuesday, 9th February

– Exam correction and analysis (Speaking and Writing)

Thursday, 11th February

– Exam correctio and analysis (Listening and Reading)

Homework: listen to first file of listenings ‘Museu Local and Charities’

Category CLASSES ADVANCED 2 | Comentarios desactivados en January, week 1 (8th-11th)