Tuesday, October 31st

– Listening: page 23

– Speak: Fixing things

– Vocabulary: Making do and objects (page 188 and more)

– Speak in groups: things in categories

Homework:  Read text on page 29 (Mr Trebus) and do exercises 3,4,5,7,8,9 on page 28

Thursday, November 2nd

– Speak: What do you need …?

– Grammar: TO,SO (THAT) to explain purpose, and IF to explain the problem

– Grammar; ex page 169

– Speak: Why would you use or need the following things?

– Listen: two conversations about objects

– Explaining and Checking

Homework: study all the vocabulary so far

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Tuesday, October  24th

Festivals and carnivals

Speak: about Mardi Gras Day

Speak: Venice

Read out loud: the text about Venice and Carnival

Speak: Carnival and Festivals in your town

Homework: complete a translation sheet

Thursday, October 26th

Worth a Visit

Speak: different places to go on holiday

Listen to five extracts

Speak: discuss questions

Vocabulary and grammar: tenses to speak about the future

Video and  listening: a Chinese artiist in Harlem

Homework: Test through page 25

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