Calabaza ganadora del concurso de calabazas de HalloweenWhen Freddy finally woke up after three years, there was only one thought on his mind: to find out what had happened to him. However, when Freddy opened his eyes widely he realized that he couldn’t see anything. He tried to remove the dirt from them several times, but unfortunately, he still couldn’t see anything. Everything was white and, maybe because he was emerging from such a deep sleep, he felt as if he was swimming in a big pool full of milk.

So there was a handicap that he had to face, the fact that he was blind or at least, this was his first impression. It wasn’t a common blindness either, the one that you usually have when you close your eyes and you feel as if you were in a dark room; this was the opposite. The only thing that he could see was a strong white light surrounding everything. Apart from that, it didn’t help that he was completely naked in an empty hospital at about 3 in the morning. (I certainly wouldn’t like to find myself in an uncomfortable place like that at this time, not being able to see anything, and feeling as if I were in an enormous glass of milk.

Suddenly, as Freddy was trying to guess what was happening, a warm hand touched his arm and he could barely hear a distant voice saying: “Welcome to life Doctor. Your experiment failed. Now you’re the victim”. It was a woman’s voice, but soon, he began to hear more people talking around him. He couldn’t see or understand anything. “Who are you? I can’t see you but I can recognize some of your voices…Mary, Peter…where am I? Why can’t I see you?   What’s happening to me?”  But nobody said anything and everyone left the cold hospital room. “Don’t go, please help me, help me!”

Two hours went by before someone came back into the room… He heard footsteps approaching slowly but he could barely see a shadow coming into the room. So he desperately asked: “Who are you? Why am I here? I need answers. I do not remember anything. Please tell me something.” He stopped talking when he noticed a person next to him; he could even feel his breath on his face. Then a mysterious and strangely familiar man’s voice whispered in his ear: “Hello, Doctor Freddy Woffman, do you recognize me? I am you.” Everyone thinks that his cloning experiment with stem cells has failed but it has actually been a success. The conclusive proof is that we are the same person, with the same DNA. During these three years I have used all your knowledge and scientific methods for my own benefit and I won’t stop until I achieve my goals.

But now, as you have woken up, you will be my servant. While I enjoy the good side of life, you will do everything I order you to do. That means you have to eliminate all obstacles that could endanger my success, my reputation and finally, my richness. Of course, you have to act in a way so that nobody will accuse me of doing the terrible things that you will do. It’s up to you how to manage it. Right now, I will give you a list with the names of the first people who have to disappear. Then, you can start your job. This will be your new life. Let me repeat what I said before: welcome back to life, Doctor Freddy Woffman!”

First of all, here you have your first mission: you must go to Dr. John Graham´s house and kill him and his family. He’s the supervisor of the stem cells laboratory. His plans are to gain control of humanity; he pretends to clone people and when they are blind, he plans to control their minds with a  chip in their brain. They will then become his slaves. But if he dies, I´ll keep the control. Well, here you have his address.  Tomorrow before sunrise you´ll kill him with these pills in his orange juice, and he´ll suffer a heart attack. Then you´ll steal the chip that he keeps in his bedroom, in a safe-deposit box. If the family is in the house you must kill them too.

He left the room quickly and Freddy thought it was not a good idea to get on badly with his copy. He was the only person who could help him to recover completely. But he had to come up with a plan to avoid killing anyone. The deadline of his first mission was close. He didn’t mind killing Dr. Graham. If he did, he would free humanity from an evil doer. But, how could he protect his family? He had to find a safe place for them and his old friend Matthew was the only one who could help him. First thing next morning he would contact Matthew and after that, he would have to commit murder. Suddenly, he felt tired; he tried not to fall asleep but his eyelids closed and he thought it would be fine to rest for a few minutes to think about what was happening more clearly.

He fell into a deep sleep.  Suddenly he found himself in a cemetery looking at a gravestone. He realized his name was on this headstone.  Suddenly he was underground trapped in his own coffin.  He was filled with panic and dread, he scrabbled blindly in the dark and screamed.  He was aware that the more he breathed, the less air was available.  He could not help himself and, as he took what he believed was his last breath, he found himself traveling at what felt like great speed.  He landed softly and opened his eyes. “Good morning, darling, were you dreaming?”  He saw his wife’s smiling face looking at him.  ´Would you like some coffee? She asked.  He was in his own bed with the sunlight streaming in through the open window.  He was filled with relief and delight.  He had finally made his decision.  He would not follow through on the experiments he had planned for his research thesis.  He realized now that his struggles with the ethical dimensions of this project had been illuminated by his nightmare of the possible, horrific consequences of this work.

Alternative ending

Freddy’s diary – Dublin, 18th October 2011

Three years had passed since the day I woke up confused in that damn room and two since I recovered my memory. After creating another clone of himself, but this time improved with the chip obtained at Dr. Graham´s, I managed to get rid of my first clone using my new slave. After this modest success, I have started to sell these chips so everyone now has the possibility of having a real PC inside their brain. No limit for our memory, no boundaries for our knowledge, no more boring courses.

Freddy’s diary – Velez Rubio, 9th January 2020

I’ve been hiding in this forsaken place of the South of Spain for several years surviving as a castaway with no electronic devices, hunting and living in this cave.

The machines have taken over the whole Earth .They managed to be aware of their own existence and now they run the chips that control every human being. People live their lives just to obey the machine’s orders. They create the energy that makes them work, they spend big amounts of money on them, thinking that machines make them happier without knowing who controls who. They Know that I´m the last free man with no chip in his brain. I know they are going to find me. I wish somebody could read this.


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