According to Mary Anne C., in her newspaper article( Daily mirror), good manners are to display respect, care and consideration. Everyone has a basic right to help another and feel  positive about themselves and others around them. The opposite of this could be the bad manners, impoliteness.

            Also it’s important to think that these words mean differently depending on where you are, the country, the city….. or how old you are (if a baby burps it is not the same as if it is done by an adult).

            I live in Spain and I am writing about this taking into account the general rules in my society, the people around me.

            For example, good manners:

.- To Eat with your mouth closed.

.- Not to make noise when you drink.

.-To always respect all elders and listen to them.

.-To use the words Please, Thank you, You are welcome, etc.

.-To be respectful when using your mobile phone, for example, not to speak aloud when you are with somebody.

.-To always stop at a pedestrian crossing.


            All in all, the most important thing to do, to me, is to treat other people as you would like to be treated. We have to teach our children good manners and to discover the meaning of empathy.

 By  Jose Juan Molina  (Intermediate)

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Good manners and Bad manners

In my country it’s good manners to kiss people on both checks when you meet them for the first time.

It’s good manners to use more formal language when speaking to an older person.

It’s good manners to wait for a woman to go through the door first.

It’s good manners to take a present if you’re invited to dinner at someone’s house.

In my country it’s bad manners to let your children run around and be noisy in a restaurant or other public places.

It’s bad manners to hoot at someone who’s driving slowly and to drive with the window down and your music playing.

It’s bad manners to arrive more than 10 minutes late for lunch or dinner and to smoke in a house where the owners don’t smoke

By Inmaculada Navarro (Intermediate level)                                                           February 2011

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