Convent of María

Photograph of main front.

One of the most representative buildings in my village is an old convent. Although now there aren’t any religious communities, it still continues having activity there, but of another kind. Even though it isn´t a beautiful building, it´s very big and useful.

It was ordered to be built by Mr. Juan Pedro Pérez Botia, a nun´s father. His considerable fortune was employed generously to favour  the wish of his only daughter, and on the other hand to prevent her from going far from his protection. They began to build it in 1890 and was concluded in 1905. The name of the architect is unknown, in any case it isn’t outstanding architecture.

It´s situated in the centre of the village, therefore it´s very easy  for anyone to find it if they go for a walk along the town. It has a central nave which was a prayer chapel, and two lateral naves dedicated to bedrooms and classrooms.

At present, this building is used as a hostel, with a capacity for 50 people. Also, there are a pensioner pub, a classroom for adults and  a place of rehearsal for the local brass band.

By Juan Pedro Reina

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