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Tuesday, 16th May

Comment the quotation by Carl Sagan

- Listening: scientific facts or myths

- Vocabulary and pronunciation: science

- Speaking: interview about science

- Reading: suffering scientists

- Pronunciation of words related to science and medicine

- Grammar: quantifiers

- Science: quiz (in pairs)

Homework: Complete the sentences with word pairs and idiomatic expressions

Thursday, 18th May

-Listening: interview about the moonlanding

- Grammar bank: articles

- Listening and speaking: presentation disaster

- Listen to four people talking about presentation disaster

Homework; page 151 exercise b

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Tuesday, 8th May

- Speaking about sleeping habits

- Listening about ‘Arguing’

- Communication: role plays (arguing)

- Mini grammar: would rather

Homework: prepare a dialogue, Vocabulary ‘The body’(p.159), Writing: Describe a photograph.

Thursday, 10th May

- Vocabulary: verbs often confused

- Listening from Certificate exam

- Correction of vocabulary bank (p.159)

- Mini grammar: As

Homework: find a text about science, inventions, etc and take out between 5 and 8 words for the rest of the students to insert them back.

Homework: write a complaint email

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Tuesday, 2nd May

Listening to three people who have problems sleeping

Speaking about sleeping

Grammar: used to, be used to, get used to

Pronunciation: sentence stress and linking

Reading: Three things you (probably) didn’t know about sleep

Homework: Reading: Describing a photo (page 117)

Thursday 4th May

Reading and Communication: Sleeping Beauty and How your ancestors used to sleep

Vocabulary Quiz about the previous texts

Listening and Reading: The chef who cooks in the middle of the night

Vocabulary and speaking: sleep

Homework: Page 62, Writing: Describe a photo (in which you are the protagonist) in about 200 words

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Tuesday, 25th April

Speaking about Music

Grammar: gerunds and infinitives

Speaking: Role play: You’ve already got enough money

Listening: five people talking about concerts

Vocabulary: idiomatic expressions with ‘mind’

Reading: Eating out in London

Homework: Good places for eating out or entertainment in your town. Reading: You will start to feel very sleeping

Listening and speaking: Problems sleeping?

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Tuesday 18th April

Conversation questions: Holidays

Vocabulary: transport and Holidays

Holiday Idioms

Travel anecdote: an uncomfortable night

Homework: vocabulary about cinema

Thursday, 20th April

Speaking: Holidays

Reading: travel vocabulary and planning a holiday

Speaking and Reading: Holidays from hell!

Homework: writing: a blog post about the greatest film ever made.

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